Comprehensive First-Aid Kit

The Comprehensive First Aid Kit is the best kit we’ve seen at

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No family or group kit we’ve ever evaluated comes anywhere close to this truly comprehensive kit. The ideal choice for any disaster – survival situation . Almost any medical emergency is covered including broken limbs, sprains, blisters, CPR protection, cuts, scrapes, dehydration, deep wounds, diarrhea, burns, toothaches, diabetes, and much more.

Whether you are a first-aid novice or seasoned E.M.T., the components in this kit can make the difference between life and death. Be prepared with the best.

Nearly all components can be located in a glance with clear view compartments. It also features an inner detachable compartment for quick day trips or side hikes.

You’ll want to put the Comprehensive Kit on your short list! We just can’t say enough about this comprehensive kit. Highly Recommended!